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HeadBrands offers hairdressers the ability to make all their purchases from one convenient place. This allows them the freedom to deal individually with a supplier of well-known brands at any time that is convenient for them. Delivery is guaranteed on the day following the order, but same-day delivery is always the goal. New markets and new sales processes make great demands, but HeadBrands has the great flexibility to meet this demand thanks to our web solutions.


HeadBrands and Commerz have for several years developed a solution that gives HeadBrands the opportunity to offer a level of service beyond their competitors’. With more than 15,000 different items in stock and a large customer base, both online and mobile, the solution is never to stand still. Commerz must constantly be able to change the digital platform to meet HeadBrands' needs, regardless of new, advanced promotional offers or new markets with new currencies and logistics.
By always focusing on its customers, as well as highlighting the insight that HeadBrands always sells and doesn’t only make orders, HeadBrands has been appointed as a Gazelle company by DI. Commerz has had to develop a highly agile solution to optimize efficiency in purchasing, inventory, and logistics processes.

It feels like HeadBrands’ journey has just begun.